Regd. No. 912 of 1984-1985

ESES Activities & Archive

Electronic Scientists and Engineers Society (ESES):This Society founded in 1984, initiallyaimed at promotion and dissemination of information in Electronic Science and Engineering,the most important areas of public interest.Subsequently, the society had enlarged its scopeofinvolvement in other disciplines associated with the field of electronics and appliedsciences. Inefforts to disseminating knowledge in theses fields, the ESES has also started publishingbooksof science relevant to the aims of the Society. As a further promotion to its activities, thesociety has launched the International Journal of Electronics and AlliedResearch(IJEAR)IJEAR in 2014. Thejournalpublishes basic research articles related to state of theartelectronic circuits & systems and application oriented research relevant to electronics, physicsand associated disciplines.. The ESES is now extended its field of work to qualifiedSocietybased services fulfilling the demands from many Institutes, Colleges and also fromSocialcircles. These activities are broadly covered in the pie diagram of Figure 1.The ESESsinceitsinception, is associated with Gauhati University the premier institute of the North East part ofIndia

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